Among the best web shows of the year!
The Shorty Awards
The production values are incredibly high... Maria Makenna is infinitely root-for-able... Madeline Wise is perfect... Peacekeepers could become your new favorite web series.
After Ellen
One of the five best in the world.
The Webby Awards
This is amazing.
MCM Buzz Magazine
Sci-fi feminist badassery. I can get behind that.
Morena Baccarin (Firefly, Homeland)
Fun & Witty
What [Peacekeepers] has achieved is quite remarkable.
Geek Mutiny
Peacekeepers is a terrific mix of fascinating premise, engaging writing, charm... the mythology is a potential goldmine waiting to be explored.
The 7th Matrix
The show has a visual style more at home in an FX series than on the web.
Giant Fire Breathing Robot
Peacekeepers is a smart, funny, incredibly thoughtful web series in the vein of Dead Like Me, Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Heroes, if the heroes were just average, everyday folks with average, everyday problems. The series doesn’t shy away from the larger questions and leaves the door wide open for discussion.
Delightfully weird... and it passes the Bechdel Test!
Killer Startups
Strong, engrossing, & beautiful.
Snobby Robot